Keenly Health Announces Partnership with Carlyle Place

September 8, 2023


August 28. 2020

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Keenly Health Announces Partnership with Carlyle Place

Care Staff Implement Senior Living’s First Radar-Based, Non-Contact Resident Monitoring System


ATLANTA,Ga. August 28, 2020 – Keenly Health announces a partnership with Carlyle Place, a Navicent Health Life Plan Community to implement the first release of the Keenly Virtual Medical Assistant™.

After several years of research into non-contact monitoring technology, Keenly Health’s management team realized that the unique requirements of long-term care called for a digital health solution which could continuously provide respiration rate,movement, bed occupancy/exit, visitor and staff presence, sleep and other data without requiring extensive resident or staff time and effort.  A development plan designed on the foundation of Keenly Health’s patented radar technology was presented to Tom Rockenbach, former Chief Administrative Officer and Dawn Dunbar, Chief Administrative Officer at Carlyle Place who welcomed the Keenly Health technology to the community where their team would assist in the design, development, and testing of the first version.

“Carlyle Place has been a tremendous development partner and first customer,” Paul J.Pelt, EVP Sales & Marketing, Keenly Health said. “We are thrilled to be going to market with a proven technology that helps senior living providers deliver high quality, personalized care to all residents.”

 Beginning in 2019, Carlyle Place’s care team began to utilize Keenly Health’s Virtual Medical Assistant™ technology: senior living’s first unobtrusive, completely non-contact resident monitoring system designed and developed specifically for senior living providers.

“Keenly Health has developed an amazing new technology for long-term care,” Dawn Dunbar, Chief Administrative Officer, Carlyle Place said. “Having a non-contact,unobtrusive sensor in our skilled nursing rooms that can monitor visitors coming in and out will help keep our residents safe and secure. The 24/7 cloud-based monitoring helps keep care programs on track and in compliance with industry regulations.”

The 3.5”x 5” in-room device is specifically designed to be wall-mounted above a resident’s bed, discretely out-of-the-way for the resident, visitors and care staff, while it silently, unobtrusively does its work. From the device, the information monitored is securely transmitted via Wi-Fi or cell service to the Keenly dashboard, which can be viewed anywhere by authorized personnel.  

A key feature of the Keenly Virtual Medical Assistant™ is sleep monitoring which helps avoid waking up residents in the morning if they did not sleep well during the night. Another feature uses Keenly’s patented radar technology to detect bed occupancy/exits, and alert the staff when a resident is out-of-bed for duration or time of day (usually at night) when the resident’s bed exits need to be monitored.

“There are over 2 million older adults living in senior care communities throughout the U.S. and we are pleased to have introduced Keenly Health’s digital health platform in Carlyle Place, one of Central Georgia’s leading continuum of care communities,” Richard Bates, CEO & Chairman, Keenly Health said. “The technology needs of these communities are growing with the demographic changes occurring over the coming years. The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated the need for digital tools to keep care staff informed without requiring an in-person visit. We’re excited about our continuing relationship with the care staff at Carlyle Place and look forward to many years of working together to support their staff and residents with the latest in digital health technology.”

Keenly Health is pleased to serve the senior living industry to provide innovation solutions for more efficient, optimized care as the power of technology is revolutionizing the care experience for long-term and home services,caregivers, residents and patients.

To speak with Keenly Health and/or Carlyle Place representatives, contact Paul Pelt at



Keenly Health is senior living’s first radar-based, non-contact resident monitoring system that discreetly and constantly monitors resident’s vital signs, movement and visitor presence. Keenly Health believes in the power of technology to revolutionize the care experience for long-term and home services, caregivers, residents and patients. The patented UWB radar solution continuously monitors residents in their beds with no wearables, no attachments, or no patient compliance required. Keenly Health is a pioneer in the field of advanced biomonitoring technologies and solutions, developing a robust patent portfolio that’s changing the way we see health. Follow Keenly Health on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

For more information about Keenly Health, please visit our website at or call Paul Pelt at 404-606-0744.  



Carlyle Place, Navicent Health, is central Georgia’s first and only Life Plan Community. In 2001, the community opened with the mission to provide fulfilling lifestyle opportunities and exceptional healthcare services to seniors in Macon,GA and the surrounding areas. Over the years, Carlyle Place has remained steadfast in the commitment to residents as they pursue new possibilities and plan to lead healthy and active lives. The approach to resident’s over all wellness and well being has helped establish the Carlyle Place name as a prominent and dedicated leader in senior living.

For more information about Carlyle Place,please visit our website at or call 478-405-4500.  


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