The device discreetly collects data in the resident's room

Requiring only a power source and a WiFi signal, our service allows for the accurate collection of multiple types of data from a single device.
  • Inexpensive and easy to install
  • Can be hardwired, or simply plugged in to a standard outlet
  • Monitors residents in long-term care without invading privacy, filming or intrusions

Ultra wideband impulse radar monitors residents 24/7

Our device continually monitors respiratory rate, heart rate, sleep, body movement, bed exit and visitor presence.
  • Provides accurate information, without requiring a physical connection to the resident
  • Days, weeks and even years’ worth of valuable is tracked to help caregivers identify trends and take action to prevent possible health issues earlier
  • Samples at 20 times per second, and is able to capture movement as small as 4 millimeters in a programmable detection range up to 5 meters

Resident data is shared securely to the Keenly Dashboard

Resident data is interpreted and displayed on the user-friendly Keenly Dashboard. This allows caregivers to monitor all of their residents all in one place, and all in real time.
  • Caregivers can maximize their time by quickly assessing the health status of their overall population
  • Identify health and behavior patterns to proactively prioritize care and take appropriate action
  • Track visitor presence and frequency to ensure compliance of staff protocols

Caregivers can continuously monitor residents from anywhere

Caregivers can view a variety of accurate resident data from their PC or smartphone, enabling them to provide more informed, effective care.
  • Access a unique window into resident health, activity and care
  • Monitor changes in resident breathing, heart rate and bed exit, while keeping track of how recently they’ve been visited, and how often they’ve moved
  • Set custom alerts for specific residents, based on parameters you decide
Together, we can provide greater care, for happier, healthier residents.
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