McKnight's 2022 Excellence in Technology Awards

September 8, 2023

Cypress at Home in Ft. Myers, FL was honored with the Gold Award in the Home Care division Quality category at McKnight's 2022 Excellence in Technology Summit ceremony. Four months into the COVID pandemic, Cypress at Home partnered with Keenly Health to test the Keenly VMA which provides continuous monitoring of respiration and sleep patterns among those who expererience acute or chronic respiratory deficiencies. The pilot test proved that Keenly's continuous, non-contact remote monitoring helped improve care and detect early signs of deteriorating health.

Today Cypress at Home has over 40 Keenly Keenly Virtual Medical Assistant™ devices in use for patients and residents across the Cypress Cove campus. Over the last 3 years medical providers have written dozens of orders for the Keenly VMA™ devices for any patient or resident diagnosed with COVID 19.

McKnight's Excellence in Technology + Summit, October 4, 2022

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