Keenly Virtual Medical Assistant

A revolutionary patient and resident monitoring system that continually tracks vital signs, movement and visitor presence without leads, cuffs or pressure-based sensors

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More Efficient Operations

  • Prioritize staffing and ensure protocol compliance to improve resident, family and employee satisfaction
  • Maintain compliance with regulations without invading privacy, filming, or being intrusive
  • Turnkey, subscription-based service that integrates seamlessly into existing workflows, and transmits data securely
  • Increase census and CMS star ratings while enhancing marketability with a level of care that’s unprecedented

More Informed Caregivers

  • Maximize your time by monitoring every patient at once, all from your smartphone or PC
  • Monitor without worrying about device losing contact with the resident
  • Collect multiple types of data from a single device, for a more complete view of resident health
  • Identify health and behavioral changes to prevent pressure ulcers, falls, and other possible health issues earlier

More Quality of Care for Residents

  • Freedom from leads, cuffs, and pressure-based sensors that can be invasive, annoying, and potentially dangerous
  • Reduces hospital readmissions
  • Helps caregivers know when you need to be seen, and when
    to let you be
  • Assists caregivers in identifying and addressing health trends earlier, to help prevent possible health issues


Keenly Health
Carlyle Place

Keenly Health, Carlyle Place, Navicent Health and Mercer University work together to implement the senior living industry’s first radar-based, non-contact resident monitoring system. Learn more in our case study.

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Keenly VMA qualifies for CMS Remote Patient Monitoring.
Download the RPM CCM Reimbursement Guide.

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Learn More About Keenly
When I was first approached by the folks at Keenly regarding this technology I was instantly intrigued by the touchless ability to track movement, breathing, and visitations in the residents room.  The device is non-invasive to the resident or the resident’s environment.  It enables team members to ensure the safety of residents while also monitoring critical information that supports quality care through remote monitoring.
Executive Director, Westminster Winter Park
Keenly Health has developed an amazing new technology for long-term care. Having a non-contact, unobtrusive sensor in our skilled nursing rooms that can monitor visitors coming in and out will help keep our residents safe and secure. The 24/7 cloud-based monitoring helps keep care programs on track and in compliance with industry regulations.
If you're looking for better care, Keenly can help.
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